Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making a Pinata

What you will need:

1 balloon
1 newspaper, shredded
White paper
Several different colors of tissue paper
Large bowl
Paint brush
String/ rope

Begin by shredding several strips of newspaper. 
Then blow up a balloon and tie it off. 
Place the balloon in a large bowl.

Mix together 2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water.

Dip one strip of newspaper into the paste mixture. 
Pull off all excess mixture with your fingers.
Place the strip of newspaper on the balloon. 
Make sure to even out the newspaper so that there are little to no bumps.

Continue to do this until the whole balloon is covered.
Leave a hole at the top of the balloon so that you can add the candy and toys later.

Let dry over night.

Repeat this process at least 3 times.

On the last layer use blank white paper.

Also, instead of using flour this time you are going to use Elmer's glue.

Mix the glue and water together.

Lay the strips on the balloon just as you did with the newspaper strips.

Make sure the pinata is completely dry before you start decorating.
Since I was making a beach ball, I sectioned 6 even sections around the balloon with a pencil.

Now it's time to pop the balloon. 
Pull the popped balloon out of the pinata.
There should now be a hole at the top. 

Using a pair of scissors poke a hole on either side of the pinata. 
Use rope or string through those holes. 
(This will be used to hang the pinata later.)

Cut several pieces of tissue paper into small squares.

Mix glue and water together again. 

Use the paint brush to paint on a layer of the glue water.
Then place the tissue paper squares on the pinata.

Dip the paintbrush in the glue mixture again and then cover the tissue paper squares.
The whole square should be lightly coated.

Continue this process until you have the whole section completed. 

Do the same process for all of the sections, or for the design in which you choose.

Once all of the tissue paper is dried, cut long thin strips of tissue paper.
Fold these strips over several times.

Use scissors to cut all along one side.
Undo the folds, so that it is again a long strip.

Use the same glue mixture as before to put sections of the cut tissue paper on the pinata.

Continue to do these layers until the whole section is done.

Follow all of the same instructions for the whole pinata. 

Then fill the pinata with candy and small toys.

Hang at the party.
Let everyone have a turn hitting the pinata.
Enjoy the fun things inside after the pinata is broken!

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