Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fabric Flowers

What you will need

Any designed fabric: craft stores sell small pieces for really cheap
Fabric stiffener: $3 at Micheal's
Hot glue gun
Hair clip
Bead or button

Begin by cutting out 3 different size flowers from paper.

Take the fabric that you choose and flatten it out.

Apply the fabric stiffener to the fabric.
Allow the fabric to dry.
The fabric should now be stiff.

You can choose 3 different types of fabric or all the same type.
I chose these 3 styles.

Trace the flower on the back of the fabric.
Cut the flower out with scissors.

Continue to do that for all 3 sizes.

You can leave the flower straight or you can iron the back.
If you iron the back it will cause the material to become very flexible.
This allows you to shape the petals any way that you want. 

Continue to do that for all three flowers.
Use the glue gun to glue the 3 flowers together. 
Then use a bead or button in the center of the smallest flower for more decoration.

Then glue a hair clip on the back of the flower. 
These can be used in your hair, clipped to a shirt or clipped to a bag!

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