Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Word Framed Art

What you will need

3 picture frames: $1 each at the Dollar Store
Black paint
Paint brush
Elmer's glue

Start with 3 picture frames. 
Remove the glass and the backings.

Get your paint, and paint brush ready. 
Make sure to lay something down on the table so you do not get paint on the table.

Paint the frames black. (Or whatever color you want)

While the frames are drying you can print off your words.

I wanted to use the words: Faith, Hope and Love.
So I looked up the definitions of those words on the computer.
I printed the definitions off in Black and White.
Click LOVE, HOPE or FAITH to get the definitions that I used/ edited!

Then I choose a font that I liked and wrote out the words.
I wanted the words to stand out so I choose the color red.

This was the part that took forever.
I cut out the letters to the words.
If I had a cricut machine I would totally use that here!

Use a paint brush to evenly glue the backs of each letter.

Place the letters how you want them on tops of the word definition.

Continue to do this for all of the words that you choose to do.

Once the frames have dried then you can place the words in the frames.

Hang them on the wall in any order that you want.
Here is my final project.

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