Thursday, March 31, 2011

Starter Herb Garden for $25

What you will need:

Seeds- $1.50 at Home Depot for the Organic ones (I got 10 different types)
Soil- $3.00 at Home Depot
Planter-$5.00 at Home Depot
Plant Labels-$1.00 at the Dollar Store
Total cost of project: $25!

Begin by getting all of your supplies.
Try to get seeds that need close to the same light and water intake.

Take some of the soil and add water to it. (The starter soil is really dry)
Mix it together until it is damp.

Fill each planter section with some soil.
Then use your finger to make a small hole in the center of the soil.
Add a couple of seeds to each section.
(Make sure to label the sections right away or remember what seeds you put where!)
Then cover the seeds with a little more soil.

Label all of the rows with what seeds have been planted.
Water the seeds so that the water is completely wet. 
Be careful not to over water, for this will drowned the seeds.

This is after 1 week!

I will add the progression of the seeds from week to week.

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