Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do It Yourself Twinkle Toes

What you will need:

Clear nail polish
Any color glitter (the ultra fine works best!)
A piece of paper
Nail polish remover (Possibly)

 I got all of these glitter packs (25 packs) for $4 at Michelle's.

Begin by picking which color of glitter you want to use.

Remove all nail polish.
Make sure toe nails are clean.

First pain all of the toes with one coat of clear nail polish.
Then go back and paint one at a time.

After you have put the second coat of clear nail polish on one toe, then pour the glitter on.
Continue to do this for all 5 toes.

Shake off the loose glitter on the toes.
Then do the same thing for the other foot.

There will still be glitter on your skin.
After to wash your feet the glitter will come off of your skin!

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