Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Magazine Wall Art

What you will need

Several old magazines
Elmer's glue
A pencil, knitting needle or a wooden rod
A wreath or an embroidery circle frame
Paint (optional)
Glue gun
Glue sticks

Begin by ripping out several sheets of colorful magazine pages.

Decide which side of the page you want to see the most.
I wanted to see this bright orange and blue.

Flip the magazine page over so that you now see the side you do not want to use.
Place the wooden rod in the corner of the magazine page.
(I used a wooden rod, but a pencil or a knitting needle would work just the same.)

Start to roll the magazine around the wooden rod.

Once the magazine has almost covered the whole rod it is then time to remove the rod.
Some times it is hard to get the rod out, so just twist it a little and it will come out.
Continue to roll the news paper up until there is a small triangle left in the corner.

Add Elmer's glue to this triangle.
Continue to roll the magazine page. 

This is what it looks like after it has been rolled completely.

Continue that process for all of the magazine pages that you selected.

For my base I used a wreath that I found at the Dollar Store.
If I were to do this project again I would use a embroidery circle frame.
I painted my wreath black. 
You can paint it or leave it the way it is.

Once all the magazine rolls have dried, use a hot glue gun to place them on the wreath.
Continue to place the pieces until you like the way it looks!

Here is my final project.

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